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Tories threaten Jamie and Mark to shut down this website!
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News Clips

In the Council

Council IT 'just not acceptable' says Jamie Chowdhary
Have you got a problem with a service in our Ward? Please tell us ...

Alok Sharma's Website
Reading's only useful MP!



A huge thank you to our deliverers and Ward helpers
Peppard Ward Deliverers are thanked for helping in Peppard Ward for the past several years. The Group met at the White Horse pub in Kidmore End road to celebrate their success ...
New Children's Centre
Your Councillors, Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary, visit the opening of the new Children's Centre at Grove road, Emmer Green ...
First Person Article
Cllr Jamie Chowdhary's First Person article in the Reading Post says:
"To tackle discipline and prevent failure the Conservatives believe that education begins at home and should be a partnership between parents..."
Budgens Tidy-up!
Your Councillors, Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary, have held a meeting on the 9th May 2011, with local businesses, residents and the Environment Department ...
Reading 50 PLUS+

The Independent Voice for Older People in Reading

Active Retirement & Ageing Well

St Barnabas Hall, Grove Road, Emmer Green

Monday 4 April, 2.00-4.30pm

Following successful meetings since March 2007, Conservative Councillors have worked with Geoff Chivers of 50 PLUS+ to prepare an interesting agenda for the first meeting of 2011.

Join us to hear about Caversham Court, Community Policing, the Caversham Active Retirement Club, Council Finances and Community Care and let us  have your views on the potential for Intergenerational activities.

Join us and let us know what you think!

Reading Buses to cut 23/24 bus route
Reading Buses to cut 23/24 bus route. Many residents will by now be aware that Reading Buses are withdrawing the anti-clockwise section of the bus service through Courtenay Drive and Kidmore End Road...
Former Peppard Ward Councillor Bob Green passes away
Bob Green former Peppard Ward Councillor and Lib Dem leader, former Mayor and lately, a Freeman of the Borough has passed away at 72 ....
Councillors question ‘eco-friendly’ bus fuel claims
Councillors question ‘eco-friendly’ bus fuel claims
Reading Conservatives today expressed their dismay at the news that Reading Buses is to convert their entire fleet of "eco-friendly" bio-ethanol buses to diesel ....
Cllr Jamie Chowdhary's
First Person article

Cllr Jamie Chowdhary's First Person article in the Reading Post says:

"To tackle discipline and prevent failure the Conservatives believe that education begins at home and should be a partnership between parents..."

Cllr launches ‘Buddy Scheme’ for Older Residents

Cllr Mark Ralph launches his Buddy Scheme to aid the 50+ to stay in touch...
(see radio interview) ...

Peppard Councillor refuses to accept Independent Investigation

Reading, 29th April 2009:
Peppard Ward Councillor, Jamie Chowdhary refused to accept the independent report carried out by Michael Hake on bullying in Reading’s child protection services.

See also Evening Post article
Reading Chronicle article

Council Tax Rises by 3.99% due to a Lib/Lab pact!

Reading, 2 March 2009:  Conservatives on Reading Borough Council today condemned Labour and the Liberal Democrats for imposing a higher-than-inflation increase in council tax on Reading residents...

Peppard Councillors says
Parent input is required for selecting schools

Reading, 2 February 2009:  Reading has a statutory obligation to consult parents on proposed changes that will impact all children entering primary or secondary education in September 2010.

Cllr Mark Ralph, Conservative Lead Spokesman on Education and Lifelong Learning said, “One of the most important decisions a parent can make is to choose their child’s school.”  He continued, “and one of the most emotive occasions a parent can experience is a failure to gain a place at their chosen School.” ...

Conservatives Oppose Closure of 137 & 138 Bus Service
in Emmer Green

Reading Buses have announced plans to stop the 137/138 loop via Marchwood Avenue and Kiln Road ...


Buddy Scheme introduction

Cllr Mark Ralph, who set up the Caversham 50 PLUS+ Forum with Geoff Chivers, now Chairman of Reading’s 50 PLUS+ organisation, introduced the audience to his concept of a ‘Buddy Scheme’, to be run as a pilot by Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Peppard Ward...

Cabinet Decision Called-In by CCEA Scrutiny panel

Reading, 22 January 2009:  At the Corporate, Community and External Affairs (CCEA) Scrutiny Panel on 22 January the Conservatives, with Lib Dem support, voted to ‘call in’ a Cabinet decision regarding additional funding to the Academy Sport leisure centre in south Reading....

Farnham Road Precinct

Conservative Councillors' perseverance pays as the Farnham Drive Precinct finally gets its sign! ...

Conservatives improve
road safety

Conservatives improve road safety

a traffic island has been built in Rotherfield Way Emmer Green to increase pedestrian safety ...

See Reading Chronicle and Henley Chronicle articles

Peppard Ward Councillors question local Police

Peppard Ward Councillors question local Police over poor Detection Figures for crimes that affect our day-to-day lives.

Peppard ward Councillors and Members, Cllrs Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary said the current detection rate of 10 per cent across crimes such as burglary, robbery and theft of and from vehicles was disappointing.

At the Safer Reading Campaign meeting on Monday 20th October,  Chief Inspector Jim Weems announced offences in Reading had increased by 0.5 per cent since March this year and admitted the force could do better.

See Evening Post story link
See Evening Post article

Labour's back door
politics shame!

Reading Borough Conservatives strongly condemn Labour’s handling of a motion at the full council meeting on 24 June.  Under the guise of a motion the Labour group attempted to once again hi-jack a council meeting for their own party political ends. ....

Peppard Councillor on education for your
4 year olds

Peppard Ward Councillor Mark Ralph, Conservative Spokesman for Education says Reading Borough Council is not ready for a new plan to get youngsters starting school at the age of Four from this September.
see Reading Chronicle article.

Lead Roles for Peppard
Ward Councillors

Councillors Mark Ralph, Richard Willis and Jamie Chowdhary

Alongside their Ward commitments, Councillors Richard Willis and Mark Ralph have taken key roles within Reading's Conservative Group of Councillors.

Councillor Richard Willis becomes Lead Spokesman on Transport and Vice Chairman of the Council's Environment Scrutiny Panel and Councillor Mark Ralph will be Lead Spokesman on Education & Lifelong Learning and Chairman of the Education & Children's Services Scrutiny Panel.  Councillor Jamie Chowdhary is given the Lead Spokesman for Children's Services and Police and Public Safety.

See Reading Chronicle report
See Reading Borough Council website

Milestone Children's Festival

Peppard Councillors Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary attend the Children's Festival at the Milestone Centre in Caversham Park Village to present an award to Mrs Barbara Chandler for her many years service to the Caversham Park Village Association ...

Sexiest Councillors

Councillor Jamie Chowdhary, the newest member of the Peppard Ward Councillors, comes second in The Evening Post's Sexiest New Councillors Poll. 1st place was won by another Conservative Councillor, Dave Luckett from Caversham Ward.

Complete Evening Post article
Evening Post website

Anti social behaviour
blights Caversham Park

Once again the Northbrook Road / Milestone Centre area of Caversham Park Village is being blighted by anti social behaviour including graffiti, criminal damage and arson. ....

Peppard Ward turns blue!

Reading Conservatives gain 4 more seats in the local elections including Peppard ward from the Lib Dems breaking Labour's stranglehold on Reading.  ...

Picture courtesy of Reading Chronicle

Mark Ralph exposes
Council Tax mis-banding
(archive news!)

In 2004 Mark Ralph exposed the long term overcharging of Council Tax in Caversham Park Village, impacting over 450 houses and resulting in the repayment of over £500,000 and a further £100,000 in interest to residents ....

See Entire Archive
Picture courtesy of Evening Post Reading

Mark Ralph breaks foot!
Click to enlarge

Councillor Ralph joined the prestigious list of celebrities who have broken a bone in their foot called the Metatarsal. The accident happened whilst he was leafleting in Caversham Park Village on the 29th April, 2 days before the Reading local elections. He said " I was trying to be sneaky and take a quick short cut between houses.

I was climbing over a fence when I put my foot down on what looked like a patch of grass. "Unfortunately for me it ended up being a hole in the ground and my foot went straight through. I carried on leafleting for a while but ended up having to got to see my GP who sent me to the Royal Berks." ....
See Reading Chronicle article
Picture courtesy of Reading Chronicle

Bottle banks withdrawn!

Reading Borough Council recently announced plans to site bottle-banks at the top of Bramber Mews, in a lay-by on Henley Road and at Marchwood Avenue.

Due to pressure from Conservative Councillors a small public consultation was undertaken by the Council of the households in the immediate area. In addition to this local Conservatives produced our own consultation which we distributed to around 300 homes.

The results from our consultation were as follows:
Bramber Mews – In favour 2 – Against 10
Henley Road – In favour 3 – Against 15
Marchwood Ave – In favour 1 – Against 24

The Council’s consultation produced similar results with the overwhelming majority of those who responded being opposed to the sites that were proposed.

In the light of public response and representation from Mark, Richard and Jamie, the Council has informed us that it does not propose to go ahead with siting bottle-banks at these locations.

Local Conservatives support improved recycling facilities and we will be helping Council officers to identify alternative sites that would be less intrusive for local people. However you have our assurance that if and when further sites are identified we will consult residents and represent your views to the Council.

Footpath built!
Click to enlarge

As Phase one of £250,000 funding secured by Councillor Mark Ralph, the Local Area Enhancement begins in Emmer Green. Here Reading Borough Council surfaced the footpath leading to Budgens Car Park in Emmer Green. Phase two will commence shortly.




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