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News Clips

In the Council

Council IT 'just not acceptable' says Jamie Chowdhary
Have you got a problem with a service in our Ward? Please tell us ...

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Your Ward Councillors have been working hard!

Councillor Mark Ralph - Lead Councillor for Education and Children's Services.
Cllr Mark Ralph is the Lead Councillor for Education and Children's Services
Cllr Mark Ralph has been the Lead Councillor for Education and Children's Services on the new Coalition Council since May 2010.

Mark's portfolio has been made even busier as two profiles were amalgamated to cut costs.

There are many references to Mark's work on the Getreading website and Reading Chronicle online news sites.

Mark has worked tirelessly for the children of Reading, despite the cupboard being left bare after the previous government, here is some of his work:
  • Have increased the funding going to our schools
  • Have invested in new Primary, Secondary and Special School places:  Katesgrove and  Wilson Primary Schools, Highdown Secondary School, and special needs places at Christ the King and The Avenue 
  • Have more than doubled the number of young apprenticeships in Reading to over 600
  • Have led in the development of one of the first Local Enterprise Partnerships in the UK, ensuring more jobs, enterprise and prosperity for our Town
  • Will protect our children and keep them safe
  • Will help young people to aspire and achieve
  • Will ensure every child has the chance to achieve their full potential
  • Will support the continued development of “free schools” or conversion of existing schools to “academy” status, free of Council control
  • Will continue to support those schools that choose to remain under Council control
  • Will support development of key skills for the workplace
Councillor Jamie Chowdhary - Reading's Councillor on the Thames Valley Police Authority and Chairman of the Safer Reading Campaign.
Cllr Jamie Chowdhary on Police and Public Safety Cllr Jamie Chowdhary was appointed a Member of the Thames Valley Police Authority and representative of Reading Borough Council in June 2010.

In this capacity he is responsible for liaison between the Council and Police on all issues relating to Crime and Disorder.

There are many references to Jamie's work on the Getreading website and Reading Chronicle online news sites.

Jamie's responsibilities have  included:

  • Participating in the Thames Valley Police 2011-2012 budgeting process

  • Lobbying for an increased focus and resource to combat increasing levels of burglary

  • Overseeing policies of the Thames Valley Police 'Antisocial Behaviour Action Group'

  • Chairing the Council's 'Safer Reading Forum' and promoting support of the NAGs (Neighbourhood Action Groups)

  • Chairing the Council's 'Corporate Communities & External Affairs Panel' overseeing Council Policies

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