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Council IT 'just not acceptable' says Jamie Chowdhary
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Your Peppard Ward Councillors 
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Councillor Mark Ralph

Mark was re-elected in May 2006. He is Lead Spokesman for Education and Social Services Chair of the 'Education and Children's Services Scrutiny Panel' and was the Conservative Group spokesman on 'Education and Lifelong Learning'.

Having worked in Reading since 1988 and lived in Caversham since 1991, Mark was first elected as a Councillor for Peppard Ward in 2004.
Mark is pledged to continue to address these wider issues while working on the things my constituents tell him are important on a day-to-day basis, such as building development, Council Tax, traffic, transport and care of our environment.


Jamie Chowdhary

Elected on the 2nd May 2008 and is currently the elected  member of the Thames Valley Police Authority.


Jamie first moved to Reading in 1966, attending local schools before joining the Metropolitan Police in 1975. Some years later he returned to Reading, working in electronics and communications before establishing his first company in 1984, relocating to Caversham in 1990. Jamie now has a variety of business interests across Reading and Caversham, including an international communications company based in Tilehurst. He is passionate that Reading should be a better and safer place to be.

Born in Kuwait he came to Reading with his family in 1966 at the age of 6 and completed his education in Reading before joining the Metropolitan Police in London as one of the first asians. He returned to Reading a few years later and started his own company in 1984, specialising in electronic security, encryption and secure communications.

Jamie has played an active interest in community relations, sponsoring various community initiatives, while also serving as a non-executive director on the board of Thames Valley Business Link, later becoming Chairman of EMBAG a Business Advisory Group.

Since his election in 2008, he has acted in a variety of roles while in Opposition, including Lead Spokesman for Childrenís Services and Policing. As part of the Conservative/LibDem coalition He went on to chair the Councilís Corporate Community and External Affairs (CCEA) Scrutiny Panel and the Safer Reading Forum.

Two years ago Jamie was diagnosed, and treated for cancer but throughout his gruelling treatment, including three major operations, he continued his work as Councillor.  He maintains that continuing his Councillor duties during his treatment was vital for him as he desperately needed 'normality' to keep his mind off his horrendous chemo therapy treatment. More importantly, it allowed him to concentrate on a job he loves doing; he has always loved the interaction with public and helping people, something which began when he first joined the Police nearly 40 years ago!


He says that it has been a privilege to serve the people of Reading and in so doing; he gained the support, confidence and respect of significant numbers of local residents, Council officers and fellow Councillors. In fact, in recent months, he has received numerous expressions of support, incredulity, shock and anger from many people including the residents of Peppard ward.


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