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In the Council

Council IT 'just not acceptable' says Jamie Chowdhary
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Your Councillors, Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary, have held a meeting on the 9th May 2011, with local businesses, residents and the Environment Department from Reading Borough Council to tidy up the Budgens shopping complex area.

Peppard Ward Councillors, Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary with
RBC's Environment Officers and local residents and businesses.

Top of the agenda was the uneven surface outside the shops which
has been debated many times. As the shopping complex is privately owned,
Reading Borough Council cannot enforce any works to be carried out but
your Councillors have asked the Environmental Officers to contact the landlord
ask him to undertake the repairs.

RBC's Environment Liaison Officers Tina West and Matt Dady with
Cllr Jamie Chowdhary discussing local eyesores

Overgrown weeds identified for removal

Overfilled bins and rubbish dumping is a particular problem identified at
the rear of the Budgen's shopping complex ...

... as well as dumped fridges and fixtures.

Shabby grass area on the corner of Grove road and Kidmore End road is identified
to be revitalised.

JC Decaux will be informed about the torn billboard display which could cause
injury to person on the already narrow footpath on the Peppard road. 

Below is a list of items identified for action:

Subject for Action Location
Uneven footpaths The front Area of the shops Cavendish road
Pot holes in car park area The front Area of the shops Cavendish road
Graffiti (white tag) Post Box outside florist, 14 Milestone Way Precinct
Graffiti (white tag) On litter bin outside florists 14 Milestone Way Precinct
BT telephone box glass broken Outside Raj Tandoori, 11 Cavendish Road
Water puddle from meter (Thames Water) Outside hardware shop, 10 Milestone Way Precinct
Weeds on highway Side of Post office/florist, 14 Milestone Way Precinct
Fridges and freezers Rear of Geezers pizza 13A Cavendish Road
Bins trade and domestic Rear of Sue Ryder 12 Milestone Way Precinct
Crumbling highway  Rear of Budgens 2A Cavendish Road
Bill board (001401) poster falling off Next to 229 Peppard Road
Green area needs smarten up re-seed and edging Opposite 18A Kidmore End (where grove nameplate is)
Car park area weeds In front of 1 and 3 Kidmore End Road
Graffiti (blue tag) On Corals wall , 1 Kidmore End Road
Bench in front of Budgens request for a bin next to it. Bugdens in front
Vegetation growth through from pond area Peppard Road junction Buckingham drive


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